Layher Scaffolding

Layher Scaffolding is a German system scaffold which uses a simple, unique and bolt free friction wedge connection. Unlike other forms of system scaffolding, Layher is capable of overcoming any intricacy and can handle the most complex of structures with ease. With its multitude of available components and modular configuration Layher scaffolding can reduce assembly times and labour costs while increasing safety.

Layher Scaffolding

Layher Scaffolding can be erected, adapted and dismantled three times faster than conventional tube and fitting scaffold, therefore vastly reducing construction programme times and thus saving clients preliminary and on-costs. The flexibility of the scaffold is an even greater benefit to the end user. Structures can be changed and adapted on the fly and independent of the main scaffold lift. This allows operatives from other trades to work from a safe platform without having to adapt the main lift of the scaffold. An independently moveable inside board allows the scaffold to be efficiently raised or lowered by half a metre without having to adapt the main platform.

Layher Scaffolding: The Safe Scaffolding System

All of our scaffolds make use of pre-formed aluminium staircases which are used in lieu of ladders, giving obvious safety benefits for those accessing our scaffolds. Layher Scaffolding also has the benefit of perforated steel decks for the working platform, giving extra grip and a far greater loading capacity when compared to traditional timber scaffold boards.

When Layher is used in conjunction with Cumiskey Scaffolding, bespoke safe erection procedure, the scaffolder erecting the scaffold gets the same safety benefits as the end user, and is able to work while ALWAYS behind a guard rail, therefore allowing our operatives to adhere to the requirements for collective fall prevention measures set out in the Work at Height Regulations 2005.